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If you’re looking to reduce your monthly mortgage payments and interest rate, take cash out, or shorten the term of your loan to pay your home off faster, you should consider refinancing. AdvantageFirst Lending will guide you through the selection process to ensure you choose the best refinancing option to meet your needs.

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Lower your rate

Save money now and over the life of your loan with a lower interest rate.

Change your term

Reduce the number of years on your current mortgage to pay your loan off faster, or select a longer term to lower your monthly payments.

Cash out

Refinance your mortgage and get some extra cash with the help of AdvantageFirst Lending. Access your home’s equity, take cash out, and use it for anything you want.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Not sure that cashing out is the right option for you? Consider taking out a line of credit against the equity of your home instead. At AdvantageFirst Lending, we can help you decide which financial option is best for you.

Talk to a Mortgage Consultant

During a short 3-5 minute phone conversation, you’ll learn about the best available products, rates and terms to help you achieve your unique home financing goals.

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