In my years of experience, no skill has proven more valuable in loan servicing than the willingness and ability to effectively communicate with customers. Nothing is more essential in personal finance than setting the proper expectations, and openly communicating and clearly describing every step of the process. In a day and age when professional knowledge and customer service is consistently lacking, I have centered my professional approach around overdelivering in these vital areas. While interest rates and loan products are essentially streamlined from one lender to the next, the customer service experience and attention to detail are the key components that have driven my success. In addition to providing the highest level of service, my utmost desire is to ensure each homeowner receives the proper advice for their specific needs. Although home financing often produces the desired results, the true testament of professional service is the willingness to let customers know your particular services are not needed.

Justin Walsh

Senior Vice President of Sales

NMLS: 968831

During Justin’s professional career, he has personally overseen thousands of mortgages to help homeowner’s reach their personal financial goals. At one of the largest lenders in the county, Justin led one of the top mortgage teams for several years before stepping down to spend more time with his growing family. After returning to the role of loan officer, Justin took the next step by leveraging his vast product knowledge that he acquired during management with his already proven sales skills to create the ideal customer experience. During this time, Justin was one of the top 5 loan officers in the company while maintaining a strong work-life balance. With mortgage guidelines constantly evolving in the rapidly changing lending environment, Justin has the unique experience of having overseen a high quantity of loan applications, both as a loan officer and in a management role. With this experience, he has been able to set himself apart from a vast majority of those in the industry and ensure homeowners receive factual and accurate information.

Recently, Justin made the decision to join the AdvantageFirst Lending team to align his views on customer service and transparency with his longtime friend and AdvantageFirst founder, Kurt Cymerint. Along with overseeing multiple experienced loan officers, Justin also assists a wide network of referrals on an individual basis.

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