Ron Ziegler

Senior Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS: 1013055

With over 22 Year experience in Consumer Direct Financing industry, Ron has personally helped thousands of clients reach and achieve their financial goals. With a passion for customer service, setting up proper expectations and overdelivering on results, Ron has consistently earned his clients Trust.

Early on in his career Ron developed a drive and work ethic to help as many clients as possible with finding the right loan for their needs and has ridden that work ethic to years of success. He has gone on to work for some of the largest direct lenders in the nation and advanced his career working as a Mortgage Broker in several of Southern California’s most well know mortgage companies. Seeing the business from a different perspective allowed Ron to gain valuable insight on advanced product knowledge along with the importance of building personal relationships.

Outside of work, Ron spends most of his time with his two small children, Yvonne and Noah, and is active with his church in Newport Beach.

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