The client is always my #1 priority. When it comes to providing a service, the assistance we offer can change our client’s lives–now and in the future. My clients always come back to me because I’m upfront, honest, and get the job done. Be selfless and never selfish in business. This builds long-term trust and long-term business relationships and many cases, friendships.

Saint Kim


NMLS: 1075357

Saint Kim started in the financial assistance world right after the country’s economic collapse in 2007. At the time, he was working for a credit counseling agency as well as non-profit counseling agencies in order to help clients dig themselves out of high interest, credit card debt.

At that time, there were millions of people that were knee-deep in credit card debt and Saint became the #1 agent out of hundreds in Orange County to help over 1,400 customers get out of credit card debt between 2007 to 2013.

In May of 2013, he was recruited by the largest Reverse Mortgage lender in the country. At that time, he became fully state and federally licensed to originate home loans and again, moved up the ranks to become a top Loan Officer.

In August 2017, he started working for the 2nd largest non-bank direct lender in the country. Within his first quarter he became an Executive Lending Officer which was top 10% in his entire regional office. Next quarter, he was one of the top 5 Loan Officers in his entire office region, then quickly became a top 3 Loan Officer.

To further his career, Saint decided to join AdvantageFirst Lending. Saint is extremely excited to work with an elite group that will always make sure the client is happy. That’s a top priority.

Aside from business, he is a married family man whose mother is a Pastor. I guess his mother must’ve had high hopes, hence his name. His father served over 20+ years in the US Army and retired as a Master Sargent. Saint’s older brother currently serves in the US Army and is a Lieutenant Colonel CID Officer and is currently stationed in Germany.

“God, Family, Love & Peace is all you need in life.”

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