“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” ~ John Wooden

Scott Cummings


NMLS: 2112612

Originally from Northern California, Scott got his bachelor’s from Chico State where he majored in music. Once he outgrew his small hometown he moved to Southern California for work and wound up getting his master’s at Cal Arts.

After owning his own entertainment business inside of the luxury events industry for more than 10 years, Scott decided to make the move to AdvantageFirst Lending seeking a better work-life balance for him and his family.

Working with the likes of many NDA-wielding celebrities, high net worth individuals, and Fortune 500 companies such as Warner Bros, Tesoro, Intel, LinkedIn, etc. Scott has gained a special insight into what it means to take great care of his clients. Scott’s attention to detail, passion for connection, and superb customer service make him an excellent fit for the AdvantageFirst Lending team.

When he’s not taking care of clients you can find him spending time with his wife Kimmie and their three kids or at the beach surfing with friends.

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